Two days of interops

Monday and Tuesday of this week was spent with the calendar interop at Calconnect. I was there as an observer and according to the Calconnect rules I really wasn’t allowed to take an active part in the interop. However, I was able to walk around, talk to the different vendors and at least participate in discussions, if not in the actual testing.

There were actually two interops going on at the same time. First there was the regular interop, focusing on client-server and server-server interopability. Secondly, there was the mobile interop where mobile vendors were testing their implementations against servers and other both mobile and desktop clients.

The interop seems to have been very successful in that a lot of things actually worked. A number of things were uncovered, both bugs and standards interpretation issues, but most of them appeared to have been esoteric cases.

As a representative from a non-vendor the interop is probably not something I will go to in the future, given that we don’t have any software to test, unless we get heavily involved in some open source project. However, it certainly gave me a lot of insight into how Calconnect works as an organization. It has certainly been a two fruitful days. I hope the rest of the week will be as good as it has been up to now.

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