Keso - a scalable, reliable and secure peer-to-peer file system

Johanna Svenningsson
Mattias Amnefelt

Keso is a peer-to-peer file system built on top of the DKS overlay network. It runs on ordinary workstations and it is completely decentralised, wich means that there are no dedicated servers, while it still has a semantics similar to that of AFS. Since the work stations cannot be trusted in the same way as traditional servers an encryption scheme is used in order to provide access control and data privacy.

The current implementation of Keso supports all basic file system functionallity such as read, write, mkdir, rmdir, rm etc. Security and access control is however not yet implemented. Interaction with the kernel has been built with the NNPFS kernel module from the Arla project.

The Keso project started out as a master thesis by Johanna Svenningsson and Mattias Amnefelt. The thesis was defended in May and Johanna has been working on Keso as a research engineer at KTH since that time.

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